Noncompliance Record (NR) Appeals

Without an NR, there can be no Notice of Intended Enforcement or Notice of Suspension. Stop problems before they start. Let's discuss that NR. The conversation is free. If the NR is valid, I will help you resolve the noncompliance. If the NR is inconsistent with regulatory requirements, or a legitimate disagreement of the facts exists, I will prepare the appeal. If the appeal is unsuccessful, you owe me nothing.

Food Safety Assessment (FSA) Preparation and Response

FSIS performs a routine FSA when a computer algorithm selects the establishment randomly. FSIS performs a 'for cause' FSA when FSIS has reason to believe that the establishment is failing to maintain its food safety system. Regardless of the reason for the FSA, the consequences can be significant. If FSIS determines that a problem exists, then FSIS issues a Notice of Intended Enforcement, which can lead to a Notice of Suspension. Because an FSA can negatively impact your profitability, you need to be prepared. Avoid problems. Call me. If you are in the middle of an FSA and things are not going well, call me. If the FSA is over and you disagree with the findings, I can prepare an appeal or a response.

Notice of Intended Enforcement Response

Events are definitely moving in the wrong direction if you receive a Notice of Intended Enforcement. The District Office is officially telling you that FSIS intends to suspend the assignment of inspection personnel at your establishment. FSIS does not take this lightly and neither can you. Your livelihood is at risk. A response is required. I can assist you prepare and implement that response.

Notice of Suspension

Events have gone badly if you receive a Notice of Suspension. The District Office has suspended the assignment of inspection personnel at your establishment. The District Office can place the suspension in abeyance, but not until after you convince them that you have a plan to bring your establishment back into compliance. I can assist you prepare that plan and work with the District Office to get the suspension placed in abeyance while you implement your plan.


Events have gone seriously wrong if you receive a Complaint because the District Office has initiated an administrative action to remove your grant of inspection. All is not lost, but you must be proactive if you are to retain your grant of inspection. I can assist you prepare a plan, and work with FSIS to negotiate a consent decision that will return inspection personnel to your establishment.

Problems with FSIS Personnel

Inspection personnel are people too. Some of them are knowledgeable and easy to work with; others are misinformed and difficult to deal with. If one or more inspection personnel assigned to your establishment are in the latter group, I can help. Call me.

Training Events

Need a speaker for your corporate meeting? Want to know what actions FSIS can and cannot take. What does a particular regulation really require? I can answer these questions for you. I do not accept speaking fees, only the opportunity to demonstrate my value.